Rat infestation, prevention and extermination in homes


One of our valuable clients called last week to ask series of questions on rats, how to get rid of them, rat prevention at home, effect of rat on human, e.t.c, the reason for his curiosity was unknown to us because pest control and prevention for his apartment was carried out by us at Micky Minch cleaning service.

He gave us the contact of his friend Mr James who needs our attention on rat issue.  Mr James has been battling with series of issues with rats in his new apartment for 2 years plus. Rats has caused a lot of damages to his car by eaten up some of the car’s cables. At his sitting room, almost all electronics cables has been damaged by rat. The kitchen is another issue entirely, food items, condiments, cabinets are all destroyed by rat. When the kitchen items are fixed and repaired, it takes less than a month for the items to get damaged again by rats. 

As our custom, we visited the apartment, carried out a detailed survey of the whole house and environs. To him, it looks impossible to end rat infestation because he had switched his heart to believe that living with rat is going to be part of his entire life.  But ala, we exterminate rat completely from the home. He could not believe, Mr James has recommended us to almost all his friends and family members.


Rat are rodents, they are large mouse with a long tail. They are fond in every ecosystem of the world.it has existed for more than seven million years with over 30 billion in population worldwide, although it is said to be difficult to get the population of rat.

Rat has over 64 species, but the most common is the house rat which is Norway and Roof Rat. Norway rat are brown or mixed dark grey, they are burrowing species. The roof Rat nest in locations, they hardly dig burrows like Norway rat

Rat lives in homes, especially the dirty corners of the apartment, dark edges. they take shelter during the day and work around at night looking for what can be eaten.

Ordinarily, rats are omnivorous animals, they feed on …..but for survival they can eat anything. Rat feeds on grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, cables at home and in the car e.t.c.


I took time out for several years to observe rat and their damages in vehicles. The issue caused by rat is mainly on electrical part of the car, although sometimes but not too common they can also cause mechanical issues.  As a professional rat exterminator, it is worthy to let you know that rat nesting and eating up cables in the vehicle is a war that is fought in every part of the world irrespective of your country and continent.

Vehicles parked for days unused are easily turned to hotel by rats. Rodents move around in search of what to eat, some of the items fund are brought back into the vehicle for consumption. More often than not, it is the vehicle’s engine that rat set as abode, it also nests

rat is dangerous

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